I try to unleash my thoughts and share some insights on traveling. I will share travel tips, gear info and random deep diving thoughts on traveling and life in general. Feel free to shuffle ’round.

The best gear to carry on long time traveling - cover photoThe best gear to carry on long time traveling - cover photo

The best travel gear for around the world trip

Published on: 13.08.2017

After over two years on the road in different climates and five continents, climbing mountains and hiking jungles I feel confident to write this article on the most important stuff on the road.

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Standing by Lake Mariam wearing my gore jacket

Why I quit my job

Published on: 12.08.2016

Here are some insights why I quit and why you should consider it too.

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Cover photo for best travel insights and travel tips

Things you wish you knew when traveling

Published on: 31.05.2017

Every now and then something unexpected happening when you are traveling. This list of great travel insights is meant to keep you safe and helps you to recognise the risks before hand so you don’t need spend time nor money on all the little annoyances.

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Mihintale panorama view

Sri Lanka 2016 travel review

Published on: 09.09.2016

Is Sri Lanka really worth visiting, what it’s like and which are the best places to visit. We spent 3 and a half weeks there searching around the island.

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