Elephant in Minneriya National Park, Sri Lanka

Baby elephant

  • Taken: August 21, 2016 16:42
  • Location: Minneriya National Park, Sri Lanka - Map

Wild baby elephant in Minneriya National Park in Sri Lanka. Numbers of these Sri Lankan has dropped in half within last three last generations making it endangered. They still roam free in several areas but logging, poaching and driving cattle to their natural habitat reduce the numbers yearly. It’s a shame but that’s the way the world rolls. Most of the illegal ivory goes to China to be used for scientifically unproven medicinal purposes.

Tip: Minneriya National Park is one the easiest places to see hordes of elephants in Sri Lanka. I’m not so sure about Yala though. I heard stories that during dry season the animals keep hiding in forests rather than hanging around in areas where you can see them. Ask some locals about it before you book expensive multiday tours.

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