Pointy mountain top of Maccapuchare in Annapurna conservation area, Nepal

Mountain Tops

  • Taken: October 20, 2016 06:02
  • Location: Machapuchare basecamp, Annapurna conservation area, Nepal - Map

Machapuchare mountain top in eerie morning light.

Machapuchare is worshipped as a holy mountain for Nepalese local people living around Annapurna mountain range. The mountain itself is only about 6600 meters high but it’s highly dominant in the landscape. The higher 8000+ meter tops of Annapurna are more flat compared to pointy Machapuchare. It actually used to be even more pointy but quite recent earthquake cracked the top off.

The name Machapuchare means “fish tail” and it looks a bit like a fishtail from a certain angle. Because it’s considered as holy it’s not allowed to climb there and all the water that comes down in streams is considered holy as well so take caution not to mess with Himalayan spirits.

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