Photo of poor looking fishing village on tropical Mabul island. The photo was taken at night.

Nighttime in village of sea gypsies on Mabul, Borneon Malaysia

  • Taken: February 20, 2015 22:36
  • Location: Mabul, Malaysian Borneo - Map

Life of these people is extraordinary for many reasons. As I understood they don’t have passports, nationality, social security, homeland or even permission to move anywhere else. They are stranded on their “private” beach and earn their living our of the sea. It’s a shame that most of the (many) kids will continue the saga as stateless nomads without real opportunities to strive for anything else.

Tip: Mabul is suberb for diving. There are stories of people getting kidnapped on Mabul and killed by Abu Sayyaf. These stories are true, but don’t let them ruin your holiday. Changes for that are something like 1 to 100 000.

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  • Aperture ƒ/4
  • Focal length 35mm
  • ISO 1000
  • Shutter speed 1/125s