Photo of Traditional Palaung Kitchen in Kalaw, Myanmar. The kitchen is filled with smoke and a girl is cooking by open fire stove.

Traditional kitchen

  • Taken: September 27, 2016 13:11
  • Location: Kalaw, Myanmar - Map

Traditional Palaung Kitchen in Kalaw, Myanmar. We were trekking near Kalaw and stopped for a lunch in a local home. Kin Kin who was one of our guides prepared us a meal of fried noodles and vegetables. Really good and safe since everything is fried in oil. Stomach bugs can get really nasty since the bacteria is so different from what our fat & lazy tourist bodies are used to. Open fire stove and wok style food is the most common kitchen style in the area.

Tip: Try local foods and delicacies when ever you have the opportunity but never ever ever do it the day before 16 hour bus ride. If you get food poisoning you’ll be totally fucked. 😀 At least I try to always live to that basic rule.

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